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What’s the magic in your real estate business?


What makes your real estate agency unique and distinguishes you from your competitors?

What’s the magic that drives more clients to knock on your door?

Business is not about luck, it is about focus and creating your own opportunities by offering something special that your competitors can’t or don’t care about. It is about solving a problem for your client. Otherwise you are just competing in the same pond. Create your own pond.

Maybe it is time to have a hard look at what you are doing if you are struggling to keep head above water. It is never too late. You’ve come this far but somewhere along the way you’ve lost focus. It may be too many would-be buyers wasting your time, or too many sellers wanting unrealistic prices, leading to no sales and a waste of your marketing budget?

As a real estate agent, your time is your biggest asset, use it wisely and spend it on people who are serious about buying or selling.

Sit down and make a list of what your competitors offer, and a separate list of what only you offer, or offer in a very special, magical way.

Then ask yourself.

  • Where can you do things simpler than your competitors?
  • Where can you do things faster than your competitors?
  • Where can you provide better customer service?
  • Do you portray a more professional image through your real estate website and personal branding?
  • Does your marketing provide a unique, bold message that people can resonate with and remember?
  • Can you market listings on more high traffic websites or social media channels than your competitors?
  • Can you tell sellers how long it will take them to sell their home in their particular neighbourhood in current market conditions?
  • Can you brag about the percentage of asking prices you’ve achieved based on past sales? (in order to convince difficult sellers expecting above market prices?).
  • Can you provide expert advice on what small modifications to make on a property to achieve a quicker sale?
  • Can you provide happy client references?

Make time to switch off from any distractions over this weekend to think about your magic. Fresh ideas will pop up when you are in a relaxed mood and can scribble your thoughts down on paper. Keep it on your desk and revisit often. Make your own magic.

Adriaan Grove, CEO of Entegral

Adriaan Grove, CEO of Entegral

Adriaan Grove is CEO of www.entegral.net. This story first appeared on Medium.com




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