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Building? An engineer must design a retaining wall that’s higher than 1m

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Retaining walls

The maximum height that you are allowed to fill up against a 220mm brick wall without pillars is about 1m. An engineer must design every retaining wall that is higher than that. Do not use a cement prefabricated panel wall to retain any soil. These panel walls are not designed for that.

Weep holes in retaining wallsweep holes

These holes or pipes should be provided in the wall to prevent the build-up of water in the filling on the high side.

They must be installed at different heights, with the first one about 200mm from the top.

Threshold to outside doorsdetail of threshold to outside door

Make sure that this is correctly done, or rain water will get in underneath the door. This is a common construction mistake because contractors are not sure how it should be done. This is done when the screed is laid and finished with the flooring.

Garage doordetail of garage door

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