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Grow every day to break through

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Negotiation touches every part of our lives. Relationships in business and in our personal lives are negotiated. And the skills to do it effectively can often mean the difference between getting what you want or losing out. You don’t get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate!

In the first section of the book, How to be a Great Negotiator, written by property economist, investor and developer Neville Berkowitz, the characteristic traits of a great negotiator are explored in short, bite-sized nuggets of advice.

Over the next few months, we will bring you the traits needed to succeed at the art of negotiating.

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100 Resilience

The ability to bounce back from misfortune is resilience. The best-laid plans of great negotiators come unravelled from time to time. But great negotiators operate from a long-term view that puts present losses and setbacks in perspective. Perspective is a key factor in developing the resilience that will help you overcome present obstacles and challenges, and persist over the long haul.

Resilience knows that failure is not falling down – rather, it’s failing to get back up again. Proper perspective, a long-term view, and an optimistic outlook motivate you to persist in the face of difficult challenges, to get back on your feet when you fall down, to try new things when familiar strategies fail, and to dig deeper within to find that second-wind energy you need to cross the finish line.

Resilience keeps rejection, failure, and loss in perspective. The great golfer Jack Nicklaus, who is the all-time Majors champion with eighteen victories, also came in second nineteen times in the Majors. Homerun king Hank Aaron had a career batting average of .305, meaning he “failed” more than two out of every three times at bat. Michael Jordan, the best basketball player in history, missed 12,345 shots in his career. And they all know that if you give up or don’t even try, your failure rate will be 100 percent guaranteed.

So, make one more call, have one more conversation, set up one more meeting, and move things one step forward before heading home. And do this every day. This is how you develop resilience.


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