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Airbnb tenants are NOT entitled to 20 business days’ notice

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Hi, do the same regulations apply to short-term/Airbnb letting as to long-term leases? Does short-term require specialised regulations? – Pamela


Hi Pamela, it should be kept in mind that there is a marked difference between long- and short-term letting, especially in respect of units that are let as holiday accommodation.

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In respect of the latter category of rentals, certain statutory provisions that would ordinarily apply to long-term leases, such as section 14(2)(b)(ii) of the Consumer Protection Act, do not necessarily find application. In other words, certain statutory protections that would ordinarily be afforded to consumers (tenants) under the CPA, do not always apply.

For example, in the instance of a short-term lease that is concluded for a period of 30 days (alternatively on a month-to-month basis), the tenant would not be entitled to receive 20 business days’ notice to remedy his/her breach of a lease, prior to the landlord/owner becoming entitled to terminate the agreement. In that instance, it would be sufficient for the landlord to provide the tenant with an ordinary demand prior to cancellation.

The above would apply equally to instances where a unit is let as holiday accommodation on Airbnb.

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Marlon Shevelew, director of Marlon Shevelew and Associates.

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