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Ask a building inspector – Do I need plans to install a shipping container?

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Hi, I have a piece of agricultural land in Grabouw (4,000m²) and am putting up four shipping containers to use for storage of fruit that will be grown on the plot. I cannot find any information on the internet regarding requirements for plans. Can you help me? – Shelley

Wanna live in a shipping container home?


Hi Shelley, a shipping container is considered as a “temporary structure” and may be placed on your property without submitting plans. Remember, though, that it is there at risk and you could be instructed by the council at any time to remove it or if a neighbour should object or complain. Discuss your plans with your neighbours before you do it, for good friendship.

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Albert has extensive knowledge of the National Building Regulations and the NHBRC requirements, and is one of only 40 ITC-certified Roof Inspectors in the country.


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