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#AskaFinancialPlanner: RA or tax free investment for my extra savings?


Hi, I am contributing towards work’s pension fund, have some additional short term savings that I can access on short notice and then also monthly savings for my children’s education one day. I am looking at increasing my savings but would like to know if you would recommend I invest the money into an additional retirement annuity or rather benefit from using a tax free investment vehicle? What are the important things I need to understand with regards to each of these investment options? – Allan


Hi Allan, The fact that you think about your investments and savings in such a manner is a great to start. The most important question that you need to ask yourself is – what your main objective is with regards to your additional savings.

A Retirement Annuity and Tax Free Investment Vehicle both offer a tax break but the objective of your additional savings is key. As a rule of thumb, the tax deductibility of your monthly premiums into a Retirement Annuity would save you more than the prospect of Tax Free Returns. Therefore, if your objective is to maximise your tax breaks, the RA is the better option.

Remember that you can only access your RA monies at the age of 55. The Tax Free Investment Vehicle on the other hand, allows you to access your funds at any time. Bear in mind that the current annual limit that you are allowed to deposit is R33,000 with a lifetime limit of R500,000.

In summary Allan, if your primary objective is to maximise your tax breaks, the RA is probably best. If you believe that there is a chance that you will have to access your funds, the Tax Free Vehicle is best for you.

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