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#AskaUKPropertyExpert – Will I qualify for a bond in the UK?

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Hi, I am considering investing in student property in the UK. I am from Kenya, can I obtain a bond to purchase a student property investment? What about residential property? Thank you


Overseas investors generally can’t obtain mortgages unless they already have property in the UK that they could use as collateral. It is therefore wise to purchase the first units with cash. Investors can buy Phoenix Place student pods from £49,950 and use that to secure lending for future purchases.

Residential properties in London and properties priced over £150,000 in Manchester could potentially obtain finance with a requirement of 40% deposits.

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Who is Arran Kerkvliet?


One Touch Property has been helping people invest in UK property for the past 8 years. Arran Kerkvliet, the investment director, is originally from South Africa and has a degree in Economics and property valuation. He is keen to share some of the common things to look out for before investing in UK property. His company sources a wide range of property including student accommodation investments, high yield property such as hotel rooms and buy-to-let investments for people looking for income producing investments and diversity to their property portfolio.


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