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What you should study to earn big bucks

While money should definitely not be the sole decision-making factor when choosing what to qualify as, it certainly does help to be comfortable. As young individuals on the brink of making this decision or a parent hoping to provide guidance it is valuable to have realistic expectations.

Not much has changed; excelling at maths and science are still great building blocks for a successful career. In fact, all 10 top-earning senior management occupations (according to Career Junction Salary Survey May 2017) have a strong grounding in maths or science.

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Five out of the Top 10 paying salary categories are for Engineers. Financial and accounting take three positions in top 10, followed by IT Tech and Business Architecture and Medical GP. Senior management in structural engineering are currently the highest paid senior professionals, according to this survey, earning R70,876 per month while senior-level GPs are earning R60,998 per month.

The maximum salary for senior management in the top-earning occupations according to the May 2017 survey:

  • Structural Engineering  R70 876/month
  • Civil/Structural Engineering R70 301
  • Banking- Corporate Lending- R69 632
  • IT- Tech and Business Architecture- R66 558
  • Chartered Accountant- R65 840
  • Financial Manager – R65 922
  • Environmental Engineering- R64 944
  • Civil Engineer   – R63 698
  • Mechanical Engineer- R63 157
  • Medical G.P. – R60 998

Of course these are not the kind of salaries you should expect as a newly qualified individuals stepping into your first job, but it does provide you with a reasonably clear view of at least one of the factors you should be considering when deciding what to do after you matriculate.


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