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#AskaFinancialPlanner: How much retirement savings is enough in your twenties?

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Hi, I have just started my first entry-level job; it does not offer any additional benefits. I want to look into setting up a retirement fund for myself. I know that my monthly contribution is tax deductible but I am not sure how much I should aim to contribute since I am working on a small basic as well as a commission basis. The commission obviously varies drastically from month to month. Should I aim for a monthly contribution that is based on my average commission? I look forward to hearing back from you – Natalie


Hi Natalie, this is one of the most commonly asked questions that any working individual faces. More commonly put as “How much is enough?”  I like to think of it in the following way: What do you want life to be like when you retire? Would you like a holiday home? Would you like to travel every year? What kind of Income would you like to live off? Ideally, these needs and wants should be combined to work out how much you should save monthly towards retirement.

Easy, right? Well, not really. It’s very difficult to picture retirement if you are in your twenties. Not everyone is able to paint the retirement picture which enables us to work out how much should be saved monthly. Since this is you first job which pays a basic salary with commission, I would compile a list of all your expenses to establish whether there is room or a “buffer” to save for retirement.

Most retirement annuities offer a minimum monthly saving between R250 and R350. Some of these retirement annuities would impose penalties for stopping your contributions while others don’t.

Working with this buffer you can then decide on a monthly amount you are comfortable with, without taking into account any commission earned initially. Still try to save when you earn particularly good commission some months and make additional lump sum top-ups into your retirement annuity, if the fund allows for it. This will up the tax benefit for you and ensure you take as much advantage of the tax deduction as you are able to.

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There is flexibility out there when it comes to your options. It’s all about finding an advisor and product provider that understand your current financial situation.

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