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#AskaFinancialPlanner: Limited budget, is insurance or retirement annuity most important?


Hi, I’ve been following the tips and advice by your expert financial planner. I am a school-leaver who has recently started my first job. I do not have budget for saving for retirement annuity as well as life and disability cover. Which one would you say should be my top priority? I do not have any dependents if that makes a difference. – Ryno


Hi Ryno, you are by no means the first and will not be the last individual who faces the problem of wondering where to start given the budget that usually accompanies your first job. The fact that you currently have no dependents makes for an easier decision.

This is why you need to budget for disability cover

In this case, I would like to propose the following thought process to assist you.

  • Have you purchased your first property or entered into a lease agreement to rent a property? – If so, I would put life cover and disability on the top of your list.
  • Are you around the age of 25? If so, not saving for retirement at this stage is not a crisis. I would however advise that you start within the next year. Put the retirement saving discussion on the agenda for your first annual increase.
  • Severe illness – Yes severe illness is important and a disease such as cancer could negatively impact your ability to earn an income, but given your probable age, it is the least important form of cover for you to consider at this stage. Again, consider it in the near future.

It is important to cover your immediate needs first. If you have not bought your first property yet, then saving for retirement would be a good start. Create the idea in your mind that you will be investing a small portion of your earnings towards yourself; regardless of whether it’s for your retirement or insuring yourself.

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