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Employers, Millenials want more of this

It’s difficult to know what employees want, unless, of course, you actually just ask them. That’s exactly what CBRE Inc did; it asked 13,000 Millennials from around the world and a further 6,900 internal employees across all generations what they want in their ideal workplace.

The study highlighted 12 things that employees (specifically Millennials) value in their workplace, weighed up against how often employers are actually providing these in-demand things.  Are you spending your money on providing the things your employees will value or wasting it on things nobody really cares about?

What does the talent want most?

  • Cafeteria
  • Coffee bar
  • Sleeping/rest areas
  • Wellness/relaxation features
  • Green space
  • Ability to receive shopping
  • Convenience store
  • Game room
  • Showers
  • Daycare
  • Bike racks
  • Dry cleaning
    Source: CBRE Inc. (November 2016)

    Source: CBRE Inc. (November 2016)

Considering this information it seems that employers should stop spending money on bike racks, it’s the most over-provided workplace feature, and rather focus some of that money on setting up wellness and relaxation features for its employees as this is currently the most under-provided workplace feature.

The only way to really build a work place that is valued by its employees, and therefore better able to retain these employees, is to actually have detailed dialogues centered on what is wanted and what is superfluous.


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