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Here’s how to calculate monthly tax liability with rental as your only income


Hi, could you please advise about taxation rates if I rent out my house? I am not employed and do not have any other taxable income. My house would be rented out for R58,000 gross per month and I would receive R47,000 net after paying rates, taxes and estate levies. I have a bond of R1,5m on the property. What rate of tax would I pay and how is it calculated? Many thanks – Sarah


Hi Sarah, the question is a little open ended as it all depends on the timing of when the rental on the property will start.

I am going to work on the following assumptions:

  • The house will be rented out for the full tax year of 2018 (1 March 2017 to 28 February 2018).
  • You are the only owner of the house.
  • You are below the age of 65 years.

The calculation will be as follows.

  Monthly account Yearly account
Income R58,000 R58,000 x 12 = R696,000
Expenses* R 11 000 R11,000 x 12 = R132,000
Net income** R 47 000 R47,000 x 12 =  R564,000


Taxable income R564,000
Tax (based on the R555,601 – R708,310 bracket) R149,475 + (R8,400 x 39%) = R157,875
Minimum rebate 2018 (65 years and younger) R13,635
Total tax payable per year R144,240
Total tax amount payable per month R12,020

*Expenses can include water and lights, levies, bond interest, bond bank charges, repair and maintenance and cost recovered in rental contract.

** Net income is used to calculate taxable income. Remember SARS allows retirement annuity deductions and medical aid deductions to reduce your net income.

Are you familiar with the capital gains tax implications of deciding to rent out a primary residence?

SARS will consider you to be a provisional tax payer and you will need to submit a provisional tax return on August 2017 and February 2018.This allows you to make the total payment set aside to SARS. If you do not you might have penalties for under declaration of income and provisional tax.

Speak to your tax consultant first to make sure that you have included all your other income and expenses allowed before you submit your return.

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