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Sectional title corner – What do I do if the approved plans have deviated?

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Hi, I have met all prerequisites for extending onto common property and have received a go ahead at a special general meeting (SGM).

My builder has changed the height of a wall from 1.5m to 1.7m which would change the pitch of the roof resulting in a difference between plans submitted at the SGM and the deviated plans once drawn up.

Would I need to resubmit the deviated plans to all unit owners asking for permission to change from the original plans? To fix his blunder. – Zaheer


Hi Zaheer, you will have to go back to the body corporate as this is not what it approved. The owners approved plan A, the builder deviated from this and built plan B. You now have to go back the owners/body corporate to get approval for plan B.

If they do not approve it you will have to break it down and build what was approved on plan A.

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  • elize breedt 20th June 2017

    Good day, my name is Elize an own a duplex sectional title in Dyanglen, Boksburg, for 16 years now, we now have new Chairperson and he Is rewriting the house rules, and tells me I’m no allowed to park next to the wall in front of my garage, what is my rights in common property? in using grounds, what can he do if I park there because I’m helping another tenant that does not have proper parking for 2nd garage, but there is people with four vehicles and they only rent and it seems all must make spac for them, the rules reads three cars per unit, this ground is small only 20 units. Can you please advise me what his actions can be. parking is a problem at most complexes, but get,s sorted just not here this man is only 31. The 4 trustees refused any pets in complex, but three of them were keeping dogs, where do th owners turn. It is AGM time Aug and the Maintanance promises from last year not yet attented to, thank you in advance Elizabeth

    • elize breedt 20th June 2017

      please comment thank you

  • elize breedt 20th June 2017

    please reply to me I also have a Box No. 14452, Witfield 1467