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Sectional title corner – Who issues the levy clearance certificate?


Hi, thank you for your website. Our managing agent is asking our body corporate to sign over to them, the responsibility for issuing of levy clearance certificates, but thus far they are refusing to tell me what the certificate fee will be? Can you help with the following questions please?

#1: Can you perhaps tell me what a typical certificate fee is?

#2: Is this something that is difficult for the body corporate to handle?

#3: Does it require a lawyer to issue one?

Thank you – Mark


Hi Mark, here are the answers to your questions. I hope this helps you.

#1: It differs from managing agent to managing agent and from city to city. In Cape Town for instance we charge R1,083 and in Johannesburg we charge R1,200. The body corporate does not pay the fee, the seller does. We have a dedicated person in each of our branches that deals with this.

Who pays for the levy clearance certificate?

#2: This is typically dealt with by the managing agent as they keep the accounting records. You will need details of the levy accounts of all owners and the future levies.

#3: No, anybody can issue it, but if it is not correct then the body corporate may lose some of its income that is due to it.

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