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Ask a low-comm agent: Why should I hire you?

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Hi, I recently read the story on HomeTimes on the 9,000 homes for sale in Centurion alone. Let’s be realistic, the only real way I can compete is by adjusting my price. The fact is, however, that I still need to look after my own pocket and ensure that the sale makes sense for me.

While browsing on HomeTimes I saw some content on HomeBid which tweaked my interest. I am just hesitant on two counts – let me explain:

Has the average potential buyer adjusted to the idea of there not being a traditional agent involved in the sale, that the viewings will be handled by me the seller, etc? And do they understand that this shift in the way homes are sold holds a benefit of a lower price for them, meaning lower commission so I (the seller) don’t feel the need to inflate the asking price.

And then I am also quite nervous about having to act as a sales person of the biggest asset I have ever owned. I don’t consider myself to even really be a people’s person what’s more a sales person!

I look forward to your response – Alfred


Hi Alfred, we could try and put your mind at ease that low commission agencies like HomeBid are a great alternative by listing all the benefits we believe so strongly in, but it might have even more punch coming from people just like you, who had similar concerns at the start of our journey.

On your concerns about having to act as a sales person, as you put it, consider this from a past client, Daphne:

“I was dreading selling my property as I knew that I will have to be present whenever people wanted to view, but with HomeBid, there was no such problem. I was given the option on when it was convenient for me to have potential buyers to view my property. My property was on the market for a week and was sold. “

You know what low-comm agents are doing for the market, but what about the industry’s image

And this testimony from another past client Nicky:

“Many thanks for all your assistance with the sale of our townhouse, we are delighted that transfer went through today. I am very happy that we decided to go with HomeBid as our agents. We had an offer to purchase two months after my initial call to HomeBid and transfer went through one and a half months later. I think a turnaround from first enquiry phone call to transfer of three and half months is very impressive!”

And lastly, this from Danilo, another client, should go some way in putting your mind at ease on how easy it has been / will be for the market to adapt to this new way of selling a home:

“HomeBid is a great value proposition, get all the same features and service offerings as a standard estate agent, at a 1/3 of the cost, it’s the future of selling homes.“

Of course each experience is different, and some sellers and buyers might genuinely be slow adapters to change but all of our happy clients cannot be wrong.

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Who is Cavan Sheahan?

Cavan Sheahan, GM of HomeBid

Cavan Sheahan, GM of HomeBid

Cavan is the general manager at HomeBid. The agency is part of a property economist consultancy, investment, and development business founded in 1977, and is the largest low commission estate agency in South Africa, currently selling over 50 homes a month, at a minimum commission of R17,500 plus Vat.

Cavan has been involved in the ‘art of selling’ since 2005, in 2014 he entered into the property playing field and in 2015 joined HomeBid. Cavan believes that he was drawn to HomeBid because he shares the same vision as founder, Neville Berkowitz, that HomeBid will revolutionise the way residential properties are bought and sold in South Africa.

“We pride ourselves on the fact that our clients can rely on our group’s over 40-year reputation for unbiased and independent advice to institutional investors and developers as well as to the man- in the street sellers and buyers.”

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