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PGP partners with investment-migration firm to offer turnkey service

Global citizen

Pam Golding Properties’ International Division has partnered with global investment-migration firm Henley & Partners to provide buyers seeking international property assets with a view to acquiring dual residence or citizenship, an end-to-end service.

This strategic alliance comes at a time when increasing numbers of affluent locals, including families, are looking to hedge their bets overseas.

“We are experiencing a rising demand for international residency and citizenship options from clients wanting to firm up their future planning objectives,” said Nigel Barnes, managing partner of the South African branch of Henley & Partners.

While Chris Immelman, who heads up Pam Golding’s International Division, agrees that a number of the country’s super-wealthy are migrating themselves and part of their assets offshore, he said this does not mean they have lost faith in South Africa. “These people are not necessarily emigrating. They are merely making the world’s markets work for them, repositioning their assets, and their homes, for a while.”

Barnes confirmed that the majority of his clients have no intention of permanently relocating, adding that the very competitive citizenship-by-investment programmes offered by some of the island nations in the Caribbean ad Malta, for instance, have no residence or visitation requirements at all.

For a relatively affordable five-year (mainly property) investment of between EUR 520,000 and EUR 570,000, successful applicants of the Malta Residence and Visa Program acquire long-term unrestricted access to the entire European Schengen area, and the right to reside in the 40th most competitive economy in the world, all without a need to abandon local shores as Maltese residence requires no physical presence in the country.

Working in collaboration Pam Golding Properties and Henley & Partners is able to significantly expand the options for wealthy individuals and their families to secure their futures while, at the same time, diversifying their portfolios via a real-estate investment with sound capital-growth potential.


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