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Affordable, internet-proof, alternative to communication with your kids

Times have changed, and while you didn’t need a cellphone when you were nine, and was perfectly alright without one, the fact remains that times have indeed changed. Your child is living in a completely different world and the ability to reach you in an emergency is a consideration that should rightfully be top-of-mind for you. Giving your child a smartphone that can’t be monitored at all times might not be the best way to ensure this ease of communication though, especially given the dangers that lurk on the internet.

With the new generation MyKi Watch which Gammatek, a leading distributor of technology accessories and gadgets, has brought to South African shores you can close the communication gap with your children when they are out of sight.

The MyKi Watch is GPS enabled and comes with a host of features that allows you to monitor your kids and keep in contact wherever they might be.

Using the MyKi Watch app, you can access information about your children’s location at all times. The GPS/GSM enabled watch even allows you to set secure zones in advance and should your child venture out of a secure zone, you will be alerted.

Children can also make and receive calls using their watch. For added protection, only numbers authorised by you can be loaded onto the watch so there is no danger of receiving calls from or making calls to strangers. You can even input your number to speed dial and in the event of an emergency, your child simply has to press the SOS button for you to receive the coordinates of where they are. MyKi Watch can send voice messages to you, as well as receive text messages through the chat in the MyKi Watch app.

MyKi Watch’s awesome features:

MyKi Watch

  • GPS Receiver

Thanks to integrated GPS, parents receive location information about their kids. Location information is updated every five seconds.

  • GSM Module

MyKi Watches have a connection with a mobile operator so that calls can be made and received.

  • Touch Sensor

The integrated touch sensor alerts parents if the child has taken off the watch.

  • LCD Display

The screen is protected from scratches with rubber ornaments in the shape of a smile. The display shows date, time, new messages and prizes, which parents can send to their child.

  • Memory

MyKi remembers the child’s movements, and after an unexpected loss of connection with the serve, it renews and updates this data.

  • Speaker and Microphone

Through the microphone and speaker children can make calls and record voice messages.

  • Micro USB

The charging of the device can be done through a plug as well as a computer.

  • Integrated Battery

MyKi has an integrated battery, which is charged with a standard USB charger.

  • Accelerometer

The integrated accelerometer in the watch measures the steps and activity of the child throughout the whole day and displays them in the MyKi Watch application.

MyKi Watch will be available in Vodacom Shops , Vodacom 4U and Chatz Connect on a Flexi 110  contract for R129 PM X24 giving R110 of value in voice , data or SMS monthly. You can also get it on Prepaid for R2,699.


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