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An estate agent’s week, explained in memes

Agent week in memes

Meeting your client for the first time

You know, that feeling you get when you know you’re going to get to talk about homes a lot.

1 Jim Carrey on getting wind of the deal

But then realising the client has some unique requirements

“I need to find a three-bedroom unit in a sought-after area for below current market value, and I don’t want to have to do any work, it must be move-in ready.” Then you try and do what you can.

2 Crazy requirements - do what youc an with the budget you have

Realising you don’t have listings that meet these requirements

And promising to go scouting…

3 Liam Neeson finding dream home

Finally finding some suitable properties, so the viewings can start

And putting on that expert charm.

4 Ryan Golsing on a pretty home

Going from viewing to viewing, weekend after weekend…

And then finally finding the perfect property!

5 Husband and wife agree on the same home

Thinking the deal is just about done, no more negotiations needed

But the buyer wants the seller to fix that or drop this off the asking price…

6 When last minute issue spop up

Still pushing the deal through, despite all the frustrations and delays

And feeling like this…

7 Cat after closing deal

Being asked how your week was

And reminiscing about your latest batch of happy clients.

8 Dog face on feeling of selling dream home

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