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Five things that could turn buying your dream home into a mistake

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You find a home that seems to have everything you have been looking for, from the right number of bedrooms to the type of kitchen countertops, but how do you know that it is really the one?

Regional Director and CEO of RE/MAX of Southern Africa, Adrian Goslett, says that while a home may have all the cosmetic features you wanted, there are a few other hard-to-change elements that the home needs to have before you put in an offer. “The aesthetics of a home is often what buyers fall in love with, but the cosmetic elements can be changed or altered fairly easily. As a buyer, you need to make sure that you love the things you can’t change about the house as well, as these are the things you will need to live with,” he adds.

Here, according to Goslett, are five elements that should be non-negotiables before signing an offer to purchase:


If the property is too small and there is no room to add on, you will quickly outgrow the space and feel cramped, especially if something happens to change your current circumstances, such as the birth of a baby. On the flip side, if the property is too big it will be costly to maintain and furnish. The ideal property is something that fits your current situation but offers room for growth or change – it needs to be just right.

You don’t have many options if you outgrow your sectional title unit

Drive time

How far is the property from your place of work? It might be a good idea to drive from the property to your office during peak traffic times to see how long it takes and find out exactly what you are signing up for.  The commute might have you sitting in your car rethinking your love for the house.

What’s within walking distance?


Is it possible to walk to the shops, restaurants, parks or public transport? Having amenities within walking distance can really amp up your quality of life, and it is super convenient.


It is vital that the neighbourhood fits in with your particular lifestyle. For example, is there a gym nearby or Crossfit box? Maybe you are more into yoga session, surfing or late night pizza. Does the area have a park or place where the kids or dogs can play safely? These are all elements that add to a neighbourhood and build community.

Highways and byways

If you are someone who often travels, be sure you love how close the property is to the airport, main highways or public transport. On the other hand, if you are not a fan of hearing planes fly overhead or the brakes of a train stopping at the closest station – this needs to be considered when viewing the area.

While a property with all the right elements might have you rearing to sign the offer to purchase, it really is important to consider these factor as these are the elements that could make or break a neighbourhood and home for you.


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