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New agency markets homes with in-house Matterport capability

Letsmoove camera

Letsmoove Real Estate launched this morning at a breakfast event held at Café Beyritz, Lynwoodbridge.

The company, which is the brainchild of experienced agents and industry veterans, uses a Matterport 3D Camera (one of only three in the country) to photograph every home it markets. The images are stitched together to create an immersive and responsive experience for possible buyers and investors from anywhere in the world.

View a 3D virtual example of one of the properties marketed by Letsmoove

This technology will come standard as a part of Letsmoove’s primary service offering and will not cost the agency’s clients anything extra; in fact it was revealed that the flat commission fee across the board will be 4.5%.

According to Schalk Meyer, CEO of Letsmoove Real Estate, the technology opens endless opportunities and advantages for all.

“International investors or people needing to relocate can now find and buy properties with confidence, without being there in person. Buyers can even view a multitude of properties without the time constraint of visiting them in person,” said Meyer.

Meyer confirmed that the agency will no longer be taking the traditional property photographs, rather just still shots of the 3D video to be used on major portals. Another first for the industry is the fact that South Africa’s big portals, traditionally lax to allow click-outs, will allow potential buyers to click out to the 3D video of properties being marketed.

“Letsmoove Real Estate is committed and excited to deliver outstanding service,” added Meyer. “Due to this we have included a range of auxiliary services to form our one-stop ‘grazing’ shop. This ranges from in-house bond origination to partnering with an interior designer and reputable removals company to assist our clients every step of the way. Security is also very important to us; due to this every potential buyer goes through identity verification before an in-person viewing is arranged.”


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