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JHB buyers, prepare yourself for an even lengthier transfer process

Left in the dark

HomeTimes has learned that the Johannesburg deeds office has been experiencing a power outage for a week now and that the outage is set to continue until latest Monday next week. This is causing a delay, likely to result in a major backlog going forward, even after electricity is restored.

Word from the Johanneburg deeds office is that the power is likely to only be restored by Wednesday, despite City Power working non-stop. Reportedly the problems caused by the outage are far-reaching with even access to the deeds office restricted due to the chaotic traffic situation and limited usage of the building’s lifts.

New cases can be opened or, due to the small generator operating at the deeds office, lodgements can be scanned. The process cannot be moved further than this at this stage though as the “data prep” stage is not operational. The deeds office recommends getting new lodgements in the queue, even if it can’t move further than “data prep” stage – presumably to decrease the waiting period once power is restored.

Consumers are also urged to keep in mind that it may look as if some cases are moving past the “preps” stage but that these are matters that were lodged before the power outage. According to the deeds office matters held at prep will remain on prep with no extension of dates.

And finally, registrations at the JHB deeds office have all but come to a standstill. Apparently the only way to get a case registered is to “blackbook” the case and the deeds office is only allowing urgent cases to be “blackbooked” during this period of time. Once a matter is registered it could possibly be further delayed by the required computer not being available to scan the registration in.


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