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Agencies, here’s how your own agents rate you

Indeed, an international job site, gives employees the opportunity to review an employer. An employee is asked to give the employer a star-rating out of five, explain the rating and list pro’s and cons of working at this company.

We did a search based on real estate agencies that showed up on the first few pages of a prominent property portal, and some companies had employee reviews while others did not. At the end we were left with 15 agencies with reviews from their current and past employees (this list is not exhaustive).

It is very easy to see if your business or a business you are interested in working for has reviews, by simply following this link and typing in the business name. If it is your business and you would like to set up an Indeed company page use the same link to claim the page.

The 15 prominent real estate companies that showed up with reviews and their average star-ratings are as follows: (in alphabetical order)

Agency and rating

Last review

Overall strong and weak points (out of 5 stars)

Aida – 4 stars


30 reviews

Last review on 4 January 2017

The reviewer praises company culture and spirit of team work. No cons mentioned while social events and free lunches and other perks are stand-out pro’s to this employee.

Culture: 3.8 stars

Salary / benefits: 3.1 stars

Century 21 – 4.1 stars


1,900 reviews

Last review on 7 June 2017

The reviewer mentions the fact that it is a good working environment with great potential for learning. Praises co-workers as being wonderful. No cons mentioned, free Wi-Fi is the positive aspect this ex-employee appreciated most.

Culture & Work/life balance: 3.9 stars

Salary /benefits: 3.4 stars

Chas Everitt – 4.7 stars


3 reviews

Last review on 18 April 2016

The reviewer loved the culture and people but states no basic salary as a con of working for the company, saying that it is a good company to work for if you do not need a basic salary. The reviewer enjoyed the people most.

Culture & Management: 5 stars

Salary/benefits: 1 star

Engel & Voelkers – 3.9 stars


7 reviews

Last review on 25 February 2016

This reviewer was satisfied with the management and opportunities for advancement within the company but mentions long hours and low income as the cons. The ex-employee enjoyed the free lunches that were occasionally available.

Work/life balance: 3 stars

Job security/advancement: 2 stars

ERA Real Estate – 4.1 stars


20 reviews

Last review on 22 April 2017

This ex-employee enjoyed the culture of the agency but states that there was a lack of motivation among co-workers.

Management: 4 stars

Job security/advancement: 3.3 stars

Harcourts – 4.2 stars


14 reviews

Last review on 11 August 2017

This ex-employee worked as a receptionist at one of the agency’s branches. The culture and people are mentioned as a positive, no negatives mentioned.


Work/life balance: 3.9 stars


Salary/benefits: 2.9 stars

Jawitz Properties – 3.9 stars


8 reviews

Last review on 17 May 2017

This is a current employee working from home. The reviewer enjoys the fact that the environment is flexible and that management seems to be committed and objective.

Culture: 4.1 stars

Salary/benefits & Job security/advancement: 2.9 stars

Just Property Group – 3.5 stars


4 reviews

Last review on 15 August 2017

The last review was left by a receptionist and admin assistant. This employee enjoyed the stimulating and friendly environment; lists not working on weekends as a positive but states that stress and pressure was too much.

Management: 3.5 stars

Salary/benefits: 2.5 stars

Pam Golding Properties – 4.1 stars


23 reviews

Last review on 20 September 2017

This reviewer did not have a positive experience with the agency branch where he/she worked at.

The brand is listed as lovely and a positive of working at the company but the culture of the particular agency was a negative for the ex-employee.

Culture: 4.3 stars

Salary/benefits: 3.5 stars

Rawson Properties – 3.5 stars


22 reviews

Last review on 18 October 2017

This reviewer enjoys the fact that the industry is for those individuals who are passionate about making money and determining their own income. Lists having to wait for commission as the biggest con.

Culture: 3 stars

Salary/benefits: 2.3 stars

RealNet – 3.2 stars


5 reviews

Last review on 19 July 2016

This reviewer has a lot of praise for the company culture, relaxed workplace and lovely co-workers. No negatives mentioned.

Management: 4.2 stars

Salary/benefits: 2.8 stars

Re/Max – 4.2 stars


1,487 reviews

Last review on 27 August 2017

The reviewer enjoys the fact that the workplace promotes independence and exploration of your talents and states that team work is strongly encouraged. A positive mentioned is regular tea times while overtime requirements are a negative.

Work/life balance & Culture: 4 stars

Salary/benefits & Job security/advancement: 3.5 stars

Seeff Properties – 3.9 stars


12 reviews

Last review on 10 May 2017

The ex-employee did not have a positive experience at the agency employed at. A lack of a good relationship between management and employees is given as a reason. The reviewer does mention that teamwork was good.

Culture: 3.8 stars

Salary/benefits & Job security/advancement: 2.8 stars

Tyson Properties – 3.3 stars


6 reviews

Last review on 15 August 2017

This current employee is very appreciative of the company culture and loves the fact that employees are encouraged to study while working, with financial assistance even being offered. Mentions that management is very supportive. Regular social events are mentioned as a positive of working here while only being paid commission is a negative.

Management & Culture: 4 stars

Salary/benefits: 2.6 stars

Wakefields – 4.3 stars


6 reviews

Last review on 26 February 2017

This reviewer is appreciative of the supportive environment that encourages learning. Makes mention of the fact that management is “very good”.

Management: 4.5 stars

Salary/benefits: 3.2 stars

Overall it is important to keep in mind that no sweeping blanket statement can be made about any one brand since each review is based on that individual’s experience at a certain branch or agency associated with the brand. What this information does give, however, is some insight into the industry.

It highlights facts that shouldn’t surprise: The industry is best suited to sociable individuals since the relaxed company culture is rated as the best characteristic in most cases. Finger-on-the-pulse and supportive management as well as a great work/life balance are other factors employees appreciate most across the board.

While it is emphasised again that this industry is definitely not the ideal fit for someone who is not a self-starter with a strong entrepreneurial attitude – salary/benefits and job security/advancement is consistently rated as the lowest category across all brands.

It remains clear that being an agent is not a traditional 9 to 5 job – many an agent will tell you this – “the harder you work, the greater your earnings”. And while the support of the brand you chose to associate with is vital, an agent’s individual success is just that, individual responsibility.


Mariette Steynberg is a qualified economist with a post-graduate diploma in financial planning. She has enjoyed working on holistic financial plans for clients in various stages of life, as well as a development economist assessing the socioeconomic impacts of new developments. When she is not working, Mariette enjoys parenting her quirky, delightful toddler girl. Cloth diapering, Eskimo kisses and the importance of reading to your child are all causes close to her heart. Mariette is passionate about financial education and hopes to use the experience she has gained to share knowledge with HomeTimes’ readership. Her goal is to provide information that is implementable by everyone.

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