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5 tips to throw every parent’s favourite kids’ party

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Have you ever been to a kiddies birthday party were everything is just so over the top that some of the kids are actually scared to try the food because they don’t know what it is?

Don’t get me wrong I understand that parents want to give their kids everything they possibly can, but I think there is a simpler, less stressful and budget-friendly way of doing that.


Baking with little girl

Kids love cupcakes so instead of paying someone to bake a big fancy cake, bake your own cupcakes. Grab some sweeties; jellytots, smarties, marsmellows (it’s once a year, the sugar is probably fine, alternatively use fresh fruit) and let the kids decorate their own cupcakes.

What the Joneses would do: Instead of letting the kids decorate the cupcakes try the pull-apart cake craze. You can create virtually anything with enough cupcakes and icing and it will look professionally done.

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Use lots of balloons. They are inexpensive, so won’t kill your party budget, and in summer you can fill some with water and have a water-balloon fight.

What the Joneses would do: Add a piñata to your décor. Most party shops have a variety of designs to fit just about any theme. If you fill it yourself you can replace sugary junk with healthier treats or treasures and it works out less expensive than buying a completed and filled one.



Instead of buying invites, get the kids to help with making them, it’s a special way of spending time with the kids and inspiring them to be creative.

What the Joneses would do: Go digital. There are a variety of apps available for your smartphone specifically designed with this in mind. Your little one’s invites can look professionally designed in no time.


Eating a hot dog

Serve food that the kids would actually like to eat, and easy and low-stress for you on the day. Throw some boerewors on the braai and make boerewors rolls, or hotdogs. Considering buying frozen pizza bases and toppings like chicken pieces, bacon, mushrooms, ham, pineapple and let the kids make their own pizzas.

What the Joneses would do: You can make a lasagne the night before. All that is left is to add a beautiful green salad and a couple of baguettes on the day for a 5-star party meal.

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Party games

Party games

Games are a great way to break the ice and to help everyone settle in. Sticking to old favourites is the best idea and the kids will have a blast: Musical chairs, pin the tail on the donkey, treasure hunt, are just some of the hits.

What the Joneses would do: With all the budget left from not buying a cake or getting caterers in you can afford to splurge on entertainment. Depending on the general age of the children you can hire some inflatables or soft toys or consider getting entertainment like a clown, princess, Disney characters or even a travelling petting zoo. To save even further hire a costume and get an adult attendant to be the entertainment – sounds like a great job for grandpa.

Bonus tip:

If you’re worried about what other parents, and the school gossip mill, will think of your child’s budget-friendly less stressful birthday party, here’s a tip: Don’t invite them. Stressing about what other people will think will keep you and your child from enjoying the day.

However, every parent is thinking the same, so be the change. And keeping sugar overload to a minimum by foregoing the horrible traditional party packs (and saving even more) will make every parent love the party, thank you, and talk about how calm their kids were after the party for some time to come.

Words: Natassha Burrell


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