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How home buyers and sellers now get what they really want

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Sellers, when your home is put on the market you may believe that it will simply sell itself. After all, every nook and cranny contains years of memories made with your family; buyers will be foolish not to see what a great home and investment it is.

In fact, says Shaun Minnie, co-founder of recently launched Eazi.com, “Potential buyers are doing the research upfront, and need to be convinced that your charming home may be what they have been searching for even before they walk through your front door”.

“We surveyed and spoke to thousands of buyers and sellers over two years while developing our business,” he says. “We simply asked: ‘What is most important to you?’”

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The Eazi.com team established that buyers want as much information as possible regarding the property before they contact the agent, and ultimately they want to be sure they are paying a fair price.

So Eazi.com built its platform to allow buyers to see the actual location of the property, view a video walkthrough, and access a condition report of the property, all before making contact. In addition, buyers can get information on all properties sold in the area to further guide them should they want to make an offer, after viewing the property. Recent offers submitted on the marketplace’s listings are also visible on Eazi.com, and buyers are automatically notified should a competitive offer be received, so they can submit a better offer, if they wish.

By making the offer process transparent, Minnie says, “We aim to ensure the right market price is achieved, and that every buyer has an equal opportunity to get the home they really want.”

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“Sellers, unsurprisingly, want the most money in their pocket, in the shortest time,” says Minnie, noting that sellers who sell through Eazi.com pay a single fixed transaction fee irrespective of the price of the property, and only on successful sale. Eazi.com allows sellers to receive offers online, which they can accept, or instruct Eazi.com to further negotiate. When offers are received, all other parties who have shown interest in the property are automatically informed. This ensures the best market price for the property, at that time.

“Lack of feedback was raised as a major concern among sellers,” says Minnie, noting that Eazi.com gives sellers regular feedback from viewings and all online activity: views, click-throughs and enquiries. “By letting the seller know what level of engagement their property is getting, and what the feedback is, it helps guide us to successfully sell the property,” says Minnie. “Sellers also highlighted the discomfort of regular intrusions into their home during the selling process, so in addition to professional photography, Eazi.com includes a video walkthrough for all its properties which limits through-the-door viewings to those buyers who are really interested in the property.”

Eazi.com’s transparency and service helps both sides get what they want from the transaction, and it makes the entire process more convenient. Maybe this really is a better way to buy and sell property.


David A Steynberg, managing editor and director of HomeTimes, has more than 10 years of experience as both a journalist and editor, having headed up Business Day’s HomeFront supplement, SAPOA’s range of four printed titles, digimags Asset in Africa and the South African Planning Institute’s official title, Planning Africa, as well as B2B titles, Building Africa and Water, Sewage & Effluent magazines. He began his career at Farmer’s Weekly magazine before moving on to People Magazine where he was awarded two Excellence Awards for Best Real Life feature as well as Writer of the Year runner-up. He is also a past fellow of the International Women’s Media Foundation.

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