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6 steps to reaching hostess “Boss” level

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Having friends and family over for a weekend or the holidays is always fun but sometimes not easy as you have to try and keep everyone happy and comfortable. By doing just a few small things to your home you can make everyone visiting feel like they’re staying in a 5-star hotel.

It all starts with a warm hello or maybe a funny hello –  turn your husband into a bell boy, dress him up in the funniest outfit you can find and get him to greet your guests at the door and carry their luggage to their rooms.

#1 Pillow talkhotel pillows

The one thing I enjoy most about going to hotels are the beds; they always look so comfy and when you get into them it feels like you’re falling into a nice big bag of feathers. You don’t need to spend thousands of rand on expensive bedding, but rather just ensure that everything is nice and soft, and put at least four pillows on the bed – this provides your guests with options and then they won’t need to ask for extra pillows.

#2 Pak (uit) jou goed

Nothing makes guests feel more at home than being able to pack out some of their clothes. So clean out a drawer and make some space in the closet, and ensure you leave at least seven to 10 hangers in the wardrobe.

#3 Put the B in BnBhealthy breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day so give them some options: buy bacon, eggs and different types of sausages (lamb or pork) and let them choose what they would like to eat. You can buy cereal for the kids and maybe some scones with jam, yogurt and fresh fruit, of course; this way they won’t have to eat the same thing every morning of their visit.

#4 Be bathroom conscious

The bathroom is also a very important: make some space for them to store their toiletries. You can even buy small plastic bottles to fill with some shampoo and conditioner (P.S. remember women don’t use the 2 in 1 stuff as it doesn’t work with our hair). Shower gel, bubble bath, toothpaste and toothbrushes will also help to make them feel more at home. Try using white for your bathroom towels and facecloths as this will make them look cleaner and more fresh.

#5 Smell the daisiesflowers

Flowers are an amazing way to brighten up the rooms and make the house smell amazing. Try using the same flowers in every room to ensure the whole house smells the same.

#6 Make dinner a date

Dinner time can be tricky because you must prepare a meal that everyone likes. You can have fun by typing up some menus of what you will be making the night before and then putting it under their doors; this way if someone has allergies or doesn’t like something on the menu they can tell you the next morning and you can then replace that with something else. Make sure you have enough glasses for everyone as your guests won’t enjoy drinking their favourite red wine from champagne glasses; also, use white dinner plates to make the presentation look clean and beautiful.


Following these tips will make your family and friends want to move into your house.

Words: Natassha Burrell


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