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10 things that cover all you need to know about being king of the braai


Do you think of yourself as a braaimaster? If you answered “Yes” then you probably don’t need any of these tips but no harm in passing them on to some of your friends to up your general braai game. If you answered No then reading this has you well on your way to becoming just that.

A casual braai with family and friends is one of the best ways to make memories, but just because it’s casual doesn’t mean you have to think of your food prep as a casual affair too. Here are our top 10 tips for a truly memorable braai.

#1 The most casual of casual food affairs – the humble Bring&Braai. If you’re having people over for this it never hurts to be a nice guy and to keep a few extra cold refreshments in the fridge – someone will always run out of something to drink.

Fantastic roast potatoes – the only side dish you’ll ever need to know how to make

#2 Don’t rush the braaimaster. Rushing the person that is supposed to feed you is never a good idea as they might get angry and burn your steak. So just relax and enjoy the company.

#3 Chicken wings: You’ve seen that person at a braai, the one struggling with turning chicken wings which normally results in burnt wings on the one side. If you snap them at the joints it will make them easier to turn.

#4 Don’t clean your grid after you’ve had a braai, leaving the fat and oil on it will help protect it from the elements, so clean it with an onion before you start.

Remember: This only applies to your own grill at home. Don’t leave a friend’s or holiday accommodation’s braai area dirty. Just think of the kind of braai area you like to find when getting to a holiday flat after a long journey…

#5 Boerewors breaking and all the juices dripping out? No problem. Dip the wors in water before you start as this will help reduce the risk of breaking.

#6 Doing veggies on the braai will make them taste better so throw some mealies or potatoes on next time.

#7 If it’s your first time making a braai pie don’t over stuff with filling as you don’t want half of the filling falling out.

#8 Planned a braai at the last minute and now you’re stuck with warm drinks? Fill the tub or bucket with ice, put in a few tablespoons of salt and you’ll have icy cold drinks in no time.

#9 Keep a spray bottle filled with water close to the braai,  this works great when you need to douse the flames.

Ridiculous dinner party etiquette we’re glad no longer holds sway

And most importantly…

#10 Invite good friends.  You can ignore all the other tips but if you’re braaing with good friend there is no way your braai won’t be great.

Words: Natassha Burrell


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