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8 habits that will make the school year easier on everyone

Dum… Dum… Dum… School is starting. It’s time to start getting the kids ready for the new school year. With all the excitement of the holidays and the late nights watching movies and just enjoying their vacation this is sure to be a bit of a struggle. By starting the year with these 8 routine strengthening habits you can make the transition of going back to school much easier for you and your children.

#1 Bedtime

Turn off any electronic devices that might disturb the kids and try to get them back to their normal schedule, your best bet is to practice the routine a few days before the start of the first day so they can get use to the new normal.

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#2 Heart to heart

Many children become nervous about going back to school, with a new teacher and new friends it’s understandable. If your child seems nervous talk to them and ask them why they are nervous and reassure them that everything will be fine, or if it’s not that you are there and willing to find a solution for anything with them.

#3 Bad- pack

Buying the right backpack is essential; with the amount of books kids have to carry around these days they need a very good backpack to support their backs. The schoolbag you decide to buy must also  be practical and have enough space for everything your child needs.

Pro tip: Some schools have banned the use of certain popular school bag options for various reasons. Check with your child’s school for any banned bags before investing hundreds, or thousands on a fancy bag that will be sent home.

#4 Breakfast

Good breakfast

Kids get so busy during the day that they sometimes forget to eat their lunch. Because of this it becomes essential that you need to make sure they eat a healthy breakfast packed full of protein to help get them through the day.

#5 Quiet place

Create an environment which is conducive to learning, starting from a young age. If a child does homework in a quiet place without interruptions they are sure to finish their work quicker. The bonus of a safe, quiet place the child feels comfortable in is that you will often find your child in his space just relaxing and recharging after a long day.

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#6 Shopping for supplies

Sure, going shopping for school supplies alone will be faster, but take your child with and let them choose some supplies. This will help get them excited about using the cool stuff they picked out.

#7 Reading

Reading to child

Instead of letting the kids watch movies or play games before bed, read to them. Best part is, it can be free, take your child to the library whenever possible and let them pick out books. You can then read to them before bed at night, this is a nice way for the whole family to spend some quality time together and it will help them unwind and fall asleep much faster than if they were using screens just before bedtime.

#8 Time to pack

The first day of school is normally very chaotic but is doesn’t need to be. Don’t leave everything until the last minute get the kids to pack their bags the night before and make sure their shoes are polished and that their uniform is ready for the next morning, all that’s left for the next morning is to give them breakfast and then you can send them off to school.

Good luck for the 2018 school year, I hope that you and your family take enough time to celebrate successes and important milestones, or just be silly.

Words: Natassha Burrell


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