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Declutter your home in nine easy steps

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The holiday season is over and the kids will be going back to school soon, it’s understandable that you couldn’t do a lot of things around the house, but now is the time to start thinking about what you want to change and ways to organise things to make your life easier.

The last thing you need in cash-strapped “Janu-worry” is to create a long list of to-dos and organisational hacks requiring expensive tools or home organisation gadgets and tricks. With these nine tips you won’t need to spend thousands; it’s all based on using stuff you already have at home.

#1 Plastic shopping bags

Plastic shopping bags

I know we all are trying hard to curb the use of plastic shopping bags, but it does still happen that you need to buy one or two occasionally when you’ve forgotten your shopping bags at home with these plastic bags inevitably ending up crumbled into a drawer or cabinet in the darkest corner of the kitchen.

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To decrease this clutter just grab a plastic 2lt bottle, cut the bottom part off, take the plastic bags and fold the handles into each other and put them in the bottle with the first handle hanging out so that you can pull the bags out. Remember to find a storage place for your new baggy bottle that is easily accessible – behind the kitchen door is always a good spot. Grab a bag when you run out to avoid buying, and adding more plastic to the landfills.

#2 Pots and pans

Don’t have enough space in the kitchen for all your pots and pans? Hang hooks on one of the kitchen walls and hang the pots and pans, this can also be used for kitchen utensils.

#3 Bedroom drawer

The problem with folding clothes and putting it in a drawer is that when you put the clothes on top of one another every time you’re looking for your favourite item you have to take the whole pile out to find it. An easier solution to this is folding the clothes and storing them horizontally this way you can see everything and just take out what you need.

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#4 Dirty clothes hamper

Dirty clothes hamper

Place two hampers in each room, one for the dark clothes and the other for light clothes. This will make doing the laundry easier and will help teach your children how to sort their clothes.

#5 Bathroom counter top clutter

With shampoos, razors and all your other bathroom essentials the counter top can become very cluttered. An easy way to stop this from happening is to take a plastic container (one of those mysterious plastic containers whose lid has just vanished) and put everything in it and then store that underneath the sink.

#6 Stocking the fridge

Organising the fridge

Before going out to buy groceries make a habit of cleaning out the refrigerator. Dispose of any expired food and make a list of all the things you need to buy. This way you won’t spend hours in the shop and won’t buy any unnecessary things.

#7 Kitchen appliances

If you can’t remember the last time you used an appliance it’s definitely time to give it away or sell it. When you’ve decided which appliances you want to keep, designate a special spot for each and make sure the family knows where it goes so that every time someone uses an appliance, they will put it back in the same spot.

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#8 Glass jars

Recycle glass jars

Don’t throw away your glass jars, clean them and take the labels of with hot water and dishwashing liquid. They can be super useful in almost every room in the house. In the office you can use them to put your stationary in, in the bathroom you can put ear buds, toothbrushes and makeup sponges in, and in the kitchen you can put small sweets in them. Or paint them any colour you like and use them as pretty decorative candle holders.

#9 Shoeboxes

You can use shoeboxes to store recipes, or to put away important papers that you don’t need at the moment. Or get creative and make a memory box for your children by storing special photos and things to remember the important stuff like first outfit or favourite small toy they used to love.

Words: Natassha Burrell


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