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12 V-day date ideas – Something for every couple

Happy V-day

So it’s that time of the year again, walking into stores all you see are heart shaped chocolates and red roses. One of the hardest parts of Valentine’s Day is deciding what to do, that’s why I’m here to give you a little inspiration for something other than Netflix and chill or Corny-ville. But be forewarned, you might have difficulty booking some of these date ideas on V-day if you wait much longer, in that case embrace the “month of love” concept.

#1 Indoor picnic

Prepare a picnic with all your favourite finger foods, like cold meat, fresh meat, sandwiches, and something sweet for dessert. Switch off your phones and lay out a blanket in the living room or outside under the stars.

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#2 Dinner in the sky

This is great idea for people that are not afraid of heights, it is available every Saturday of the month and it is held at the Higher Ground Restaurant inside St Stitians College in Bryanston.

#3 Movie night

Pick your favourite movie, and make it a themed movie night for example Grease, make strawberry milkshake, burgers and fries, and have fun dressing up like it’s the 50’s.

#4 Learn to tango

Tango dancing

What could be more romantic than learning to tango? Book a class at a local dance studio in your hometown and go have fun for the night even if you think you won’t be any good.

#5 Tourist in your hometown

Head out for the day and pretend that you are tourists in your own town; book an open bus tour or go to a museum.

#6 Beach day

If you’re lucky enough to live close to the ocean make sandwiches and go to the beach for the day. It will be so relaxing and fun to play on the beach like when your romance first started. Just remember to put on sunscreen or you’ll both be ‘out of action’ for the rest of the week.

#7 Spa day

Head to your nearest spa and get couples massages, manicures and pedicures and while you’re being pampered enjoy some champagne and strawberries dipped in chocolate.

#8 Power outage

Candle light and wine

Spend the night at home pretending that the power went out – light some candles order takeout and enjoy each other’s company.

#9 Plan a split date

You and your partner can plan something special that you think the other will love and then do both of the dates. Sharing the responsibility also takes a lot of pressure off of one partner having to plan for the day alone.

#10 Read a romantic book together

If you both enjoy to read pick a romantic book and take turns to read to each other aloud.

#11 Ghost tour

If you both enjoy a bit of a thrill with a difference, book a ghost tour and enjoy it together. Ghost tours are normally late at night so you can still enjoy a nice romantic dinner at home or at a fancy restaurant.

#12 Make dinner together

Couple cooking dinner together

Go shopping and buy ingredients and prepare a romantic dinner at home together. My vote is for spaghetti bolognaise because there is only one way to eat this meal and that is the “Lady and the tramp” way.

I hope that some of these ideas will help make your Valentine’s Day extra special this year, just remember you don’t need just one day to show how much you love that special someone so you can use any of these ideas any day of the year, thank me later.

Words: Natassha Burrell


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