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How to keep home décor simple

All of us can’t possibly be interior designers. This doesn’t mean that you have to hate the way your home looks.

Perhaps you’d like your bedroom to be a sanctuary where you can celebrate all your most important relationships, or maybe you want to wake up in your favourite country in the world. I bet you would love it if you could relax in your nature-inspired bathroom or if you could showcase your love of baking in your kitchen. Here is a list of themes you can quite easily follow or use some of these ideas to create your own unique feel in your home


island inspired bedroom

Start by choosing two of your favourite colours and then decorate, you can use any colours you like. Another idea with this one is to let your partner choose one colour and you choose and then you have a little bit of both of you in the room, this is especially great if you are just moving in together.

The next step is to fill your sanctuary with some of your favourite things. If you love reading decorate your room so that it has a peaceful, comfortable reading nook and a bookcase with all your favourite books nearby.

Everyone has that one place they dream about going to (for me it’s Santorini, Greece) so whether you’ve been there or you’re still planning on going, you can decorate you room so that it feels like you’re waking up in your favourite place in the world every morning.

Another really simple and cozy room update is to wake every morning looking at the people you love most. Hang photos in your room with all your favourite people in the world. You can choose different colour frames, creating a special look, or go with one colour it’s all up to you and what you love.


Blue bathroom

You can’t go wrong with the all-time favourite bathroom theme idea, ombre, this one is easy but it still looks relaxing and beautiful. Take different shades of your favourite colour and then mix it with white and decorate your bathroom with that, this is a relatively stress-free idea you can do anything with.

If you want to keep it clean and simple stick with white. This is especially great if you have a small space to work with as keeping it white will make the space look larger than it actually is, if you feel like all white might be a little boring, you can use some colour candles to break away from the white.

If you love the outdoors and you don’t have space in your garden to put in an outdoor shower, you can always bring it into your bathroom, use green and flowers.


Bright kitchen counter

If you love baking, why not embrace that love and turn your kitchen into a baking paradise. Hang pictures of beautiful cakes, quotes from your favourite bakers and you can even hang some of your baking tools.

Travel-inspired décor ideas to bring your holiday home

Use your favourite colour or if you want you can try a bright yellow or orange with white and decorate your kitchen with those colours. When you can’t decide on one colour, go for a rainbow themed kitchen, this will look bright and colourful and will make you feel happy every time you cook in it.

At the end of the day it’s not about being on trend or having the latest and most stylish décor elements in your home. You need to create a home that you love and want to spend time in.

Words: Natassha Burrell


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