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7 gadgets every starter kitchen needs

Your kitchen is a very important room in your home; it needs to be a place where you feel inspired, relaxed and happy so that when you walk in there to prepare a meal or bake a treat for your loved ones you will enjoy the time spent there.

If you envision your kitchen to be a beautiful space where family and friends gather regularly, you need to invest in these appliances or gadgets to actually be able to enjoy their company instead of struggling through every meal.

This is my wish list of items every kitchen should have.

#1 Blender / Food processor

You need a blender if you plan on making smoothies or cocktails, or, if you have a baby, you can use it to make purees from cooked vegetables or fruit, but a food processor has sharper blades and can be used to chop hard vegetables or nuts. If you can’t decide which one to buy, opt for a combined appliance that has both.

#2 Measuring cups or spoons

If you love baking this is one thing you can’t go without, you need measuring cups and spoons to measure you flour and you liquids. These nifty kitchen gadgets (that always seem to go missing) has other uses as well: Can’t find anything to make your gravy for your roast meat in? Use your measuring cup, or use it to heat up milk for your cereal in the morning.

#3 An electric mixer

You get two types of electric mixers, handheld and standing mixers. If you plan on baking cakes and bread a standing mixer is a better option for you, if you want a mixer just to mix liquids or eggs a handheld mixer is the more affordable option.

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#4 Pressure cooker

If you don’t have all day to prepare a stew or soup you need a pressure cooker. This will help you to prepare meals for your family that will taste like it took you hours to prepare.

#5 Hart casserole dish

I you like many South-Africans, like to have a braai these are a must have for your kitchen, use them to put your meat in, you can even use it to bake bread in.

#6 Peeler

I’ve seen it in a few kitchens where the person wants to peel potatoes or carrots but they don’t have a peeler so then they end up using a knife and half of the potato and carrot is gone when they are done, so to make your life easier get yourself a peeler.

#7 Mixing bowls

You can never have enough mixing bowls they can be used for baking or even to make your favourite salad in, if you can, buy the mixing bowls that come with lids because it will come in handy if you plan on taking a salad to a bring and braai.

Words: Natassha Burrell


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