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Bookmark these security forget-me-nots

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With another long weekend around the corner most of us will be in and out of our homes; enjoying long visits with friends and family, maybe spending a night or even going away for the weekend.

Whether you decide to relax at home, be a social butterfly or escape for a quick getaway, you need to remain vigilant to ensure the safety and security of your home and possessions.

Weekend break

Couple on a roadtrip

If you are going away for a long weekend remember to inform your neighbour and ask them to keep an eye out, it is also a good idea to let your security company know that you will not be home. If you have pets arrange for a pet sitter to stay with them or book a weekend kennel in advance. Only you will know which option is best for your furry friends.

Before leaving on your break check that the oven and stove is off, make sure no appliances are left on and triple check that you’ve turned your alarm on.

When you return home after your break, don’t stop if you notice anything odd or out of place. Rather continue driving and phone your security company.

The social butterfly

Getting ready for a night out

If you find yourself rushing from event to event it is very easy to let the basics slide. Don’t leave any doors unlocked while you are just quickly in the shower freshening up for the next gathering, and when you leave ensure that your doors and windows are secure.

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You are likely to be getting home late on some evenings, try to remember to leave a light on for this instance. When you get back at night try not to sit in front of the gate or garage unnecessarily  long by pressing the remote a short distance before you get to the gate. If your entrance is not motorised do a drive-by before stopping to ensure that it is safe to stop.

The homebody

Family relaxing at home

Whether you decide to unplug and hide away at home or want to host some friends, there are some basic safety and security rules you need to maintain to ensure the safety of not only yourself, but any guests you may have.

Whether you are indoors or enjoying the last bits of summer outside, you need to remain vigilant about keeping your doors, gates and security gates closed. If you are having a large gathering do not leave any valuables lying around as it is very easy for thieves to walk in and take your possessions without being noticed.

Water safety is so important, especially if you have young children as guests and this is not normally top of mind for you. Inform the child’s parents of any water danger that there might be: pool, Jacuzzi, water future, pond or even a bucket of rainwater you may have collected. Then also do your best to reasonably secure the water so that it is safe for your little guests.

And finally, it doesn’t matter where you find yourself, an awareness of your surroundings and any suspicious behaviour is your best defence against a potential threat.

Words: Maxine Ridder


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