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Do these 5 things today to show your couch some love

Relaxing on the couch

There are two kinds of people in this world: Those who believe the kitchen is the heart of the home and those that would argue that a comfortable, inviting couch is the real heart of the home.

It doesn’t matter in which camp you find yourself, the importance of time on a couch cannot be denied. This is where you have long, much-needed heart talks with a friend over a hot drink, where you cuddle your sick child, read a book on a lazy Sunday morning or fall asleep with your partner while watching a movie.

The couch gives you so much, it’s time to give some love back. These are all things you can do today to increase the beauty and attraction of your couch.

Create focus

Living room gallery wall

The couch is the main piece of furniture in your living room, do not leave it without a “wingman”. If your couch is placed against a wall create a gallery wall of some of your favourite family photographs and prints you love. You don’t need to spend a fortune on frames either. Miss-matched frames are often most intriguing or painting old frames in the colour of your choice can create a beautiful focus area in your living room.

If your couch is not placed against a wall consider investing in a statement standing lamp and large houseplant to frame your couch. Good quality, wooden side tables are also an attractive option.

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Outside in

Lounge looking out onto balcony

In most cases your lounge area will lead out onto a patio or balcony, don’t underestimate the value of creating a great flow between these spaces. The easiest way to do this is by inviting nature into your lounge with some beautiful plants or fresh flowers. Bonus points if the freshly picked flowers are from your own garden!

Up the lights

Candles in living room

Make sure the lightning in your lounge is correct. Many interior designers feel that this is one of the most common mistakes made – using too bright, or too low lighting in this area of the home, especially in designs where the lounge is open plan with the dining room.

Once you’ve got that aspect sorted, focus on mood lights. Candles just create a wonderful feeling of calm and peace. Or if candles are not your thing consider a statement standing lamp or a beautiful chandelier.

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Change it up

Comfy couch with throw and cushion

The easiest way to breathe new life into your couch is by changing up the things that are easy and inexpensive to achieve. Change the covers on your scatter cushions and look for some unique and quirky pieces to place on your side or coffee tables to carry your new colour theme through.

As colder months approach you can also get out all of your comfy throws and blankets to create an inviting feeling of warmth. If clutter on the couch is not your thing invest in a beautiful basket in which to store your rolled up throws and blankets. This not only adds additional comfort and style to your lounge but is an open invitation to any visitor on your couch to settle in and feel at home.

Hug it out

Couple relaxing on the couch

The best way to love your couch, once you’ve implemented all or some of the tips we’ve shared, is to spend some quality time on your couch. Stay in tonight and read a good book cuddled up on your couch with your favourite candle burning and your new plant friend keeping you company.

Soon you’ll find yourself preferring the company of your couch.

Words: Maxine Ridder


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