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Here’s how to step outside the cookie cutter curb appeal created by your complex

Cookie house

Curb appeal; it’s a concept that may seem simple, but go browse for homes and see how difficult some sellers or landlords find the idea of making a home look inviting.

The concept of an appealing exterior gets even more challenging when you are living in, selling, or looking to let a “cookie cutter” sectional title unit. While it is a good investment to upgrade the interior of a sectional title home to fit your style and be more modern, whether for your own comfort or to go to market, it is not enough to make your home stand out.

Granted, you are boxed in by body corporate rules and are unlikely to be able to make any permanent changes to the exterior such as painting in a different shade of grey, or building on, but you can definitely invest in other non-permanent upgrades. Do this sooner, rather than later – why wait to make your home beautiful only when you’re about to move out? Enjoy your home with these five simple ways to up your cookie-cutter home’s curb appeal.

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#1 Open door policy

Opening a door or window not only makes your home look more inviting from the outside; it also helps to freshen up your home by letting in crisp air and light. The most critical step here is to ensure that your security features on the front entrance are up to scratch to have the peace of mind to leave the door open while you and your family are relaxing in the home. Install a quality security gate; here it is better not to skimp and use a reputable service provider with quality products.

Top tip: Remember to keep pets in mind. The security door that you install should be pet-friendly if your property is in a pet-friendly complex.

#2 Potted greenery

Plants in pots

Invest in some gorgeous pots and suitable plants to make your doorstep instantly more inviting. The trick here is to find pots that suit the look of your home and complex while still displaying a bit of your unique style. Then simply add some colour and green with a visit to your nearest plant nursery.

#3 Maintenance, maintenance, maintenance

Whether it is chipped paint on window frames, weeds between the bricks on your driveway or shrubbery that needs some trimming, keeping the general look of your home’s exterior neat and tidy will go quite some way in ensuring your home looks loved and inviting.

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#4 Get cosy

cafe table and chairs plants

Depending on the space you have available there are quite a few options for cosy-ing up the entrance of your home. A beautiful Paris-style café table with two chairs and views of the front garden you’ve created thanks to tip #2 is a great option. Soon you’ll find yourself spending your morning there enjoying your coffee and a little bit of nature. A simple bench for two is also a good option if space allows.

Top tip: When space is limited add some quirky touches to your front door such as a unique, conversation-starter welcome mat or some cute garden ornaments. Why not support the local small vendor and buy a funky beaded rainbow zebra from the artist next to the road?

#5 Take the love indoors

If the façade of your home has a window that needs covering with curtaining or blinds, ensure that this is updated, modern and good quality. Rather splurge a little on this factor as tatty window dressing will eliminate all the great ground covered in #1 to #4.

A home that looks loved and appreciated from the moment you first set eyes on it not only increases your enjoyment while living in it, but also goes some way in making your life easier when you decide to sell or look for tenants for your property.

Words: Maxine Ridder


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