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These are the stress-managing habits you should be cultivating

You might not think that you do but, trust me, at this very moment there is something that you are stressing about. It might be financial, concerns about your child’s safety or health or even something small as to what to make for dinner; trust me for the person cooking every day this can be a little stressful, you never know if your family is going to enjoy it or you might have one or two family members that don’t like eating certain foods. Either way stress is here to stay, but I’ve put together a list of habits you can cultivate to help manage your stress.


Writing down your feelings when you feel them is better than keeping them bottled up inside. When something happens that makes you feel stressed write down exactly what happened and try not to put yourself in that situation again since you now know that that is a trigger for you.


Heart to heart with a friend

If you feel like writing down your feelings isn’t something that is going to work for you, you can find someone that you can talk to, a spouse, family member like a mother, sister or if you have a close friend you can share anything with talk to them.

If sharing your personal information and things is not something you like to do, you can always talk to yourself (in private) or just go in a room and cry or laugh. Whatever feeling you are feeling at that moment, laughing or crying or talking to someone, will definitely make you feel better.

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Be strict about your me-time

With this one you might be thinking, how will adding more to my to-do list possibly make me more relaxed with my schedule already being so busy? Well by taking a few hours a week or even a month to do one thing that you absolutely love and enjoy doing, something that is just for you, will actually help you to get more done in other areas of your life.

Get moving

Runner feet with view of water

Exercising will help you get rid of bottled up emotions and clear your head

Top tip: You don’t need to belong to a gym to get in a good exercise, put on some good loud music and dance it out like Christina and Meredith on Grey’s Anatomy.

Walking can also help you clear your mind and is good for your health. If you do belong to gym set a time a side that fits your schedule and stick to it even if you just go for 30 minutes and walk on the treadmill. Even breathing exercises can help you relax, find a quite space and just sit and start a rhythm of breathing and do that for a few minutes.

I know that everyone has a busy schedule and that a day never has enough hours in it to get to everything that you need to do, but remember the most important thing in life is having enough time to spend with the people you love, so by making time in your schedule for ME time you will get more FAMILY time in the future.

“The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another” – William James

If you do feel consumed by anxiety and an overwhelming feeling of stress and worry please go seek the help of a professional. Asking for help in these situations is the strongest thing you can do.

Words: Natassha Burrell


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