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We #TashaTests a weekly cleaning schedule to find out if it actually works

Family cleaning the home

While we all have that one friend that professes to enjoy cleaning their home, for most of us it is a grudge chore often left for one day of the week, which is usually a bad idea.

To help myself as much as you I’ve decided to work out a weekly cleaning schedule and put it to the test. I’m sharing the schedule that worked best for my family, feel free to change it to suit your household and your unique schedule.

This schedule worked for my family as we are a relatively small household with adults only, a bigger family or one with small children will probably have to make some adjustments.

I decided to divide the rooms up and to tackle one room a day but there are a few things that you need to do every day:

  1. Tidy up and make the beds
  2. Do the dishes (there is nothing worse than a sink full of dirty dishes)
  3. Wipe all the countertops in the kitchen (sticky countertop = ants) and bathroom (hygiene, duh…)
  4. Take out the trash

One thing left to decide is what day you are going to do the laundry, if you have a big family then you will probably need to do it twice a week but a smaller family can do it only once a week. Wednesdays work best for me as laundry day.

  • Monday: kitchen and dining area
  • Tuesday: Living room
  • Wednesday: (Laundry day) Bathrooms
  • Thursday: Bedrooms
  • Friday: Halls, stairs and outside living areas
  • Saturday: Quick dust and vacuum (car wash day)
  • Sunday: Well-deserved R&R

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Cleaning the kitchen

Start by cleaning out your fridge and your cabinets. Take out all the expired food. Clean the countertops. Clean the inside and outside of your fridge and freezer. Clean the microwave, wash the windows and sweep and mop the floor.

Top tip: place a microwave-safe bowl with one cup of water and a chopped up lemon or several spoons of vinegar in your appliance for a few minutes until the solution starts to boil and the window is steamy.

In the dining room you’ll need to do some dusting, ensure that you wipe and dust any and all photo frames or ornaments that may be in this room and clean the windows and floor.


Cleaning the lounge

Straighten the shelves, wipe off all your DVD and CD cases, dust of all your photo frames and ornaments. Remember to move the couches to clean the floor properly and then also lift up the cushions to get dust and other little bits and bops that may have fallen in there. Dust off your blinds or your curtains and then vacuum and clean the windows.


Cleaning the bathroom

Clean the toilet, sink, bathtub and shower.  Clean the mirror, wash the towels and the rugs. Sweep and mop the floor. This is my laundry day so I would start with the laundry early in the morning and clean the bathroom while I wait for the laundry to dry. Wash the bed sheets today so that you can have freshly cleaned sheets for bedroom day.


Cleaning the bedroom

Start by changing the bed sheets. Wipe down and dust off all the surfaces put away all the clutter. Organize your closets, and wash the windows then vacuum.


Sweeping the floor in hall

When cleaning the stairs and halls you’ll need to do some decent dusting and wiping. Wipe and dust your photo frames and any shelves or ornaments in these areas of your home. Clean all the windows.  Sweep, vacuum and mop.

Any outside living areas also need to be cleaned today. Dust, sweep, wipe and wash surfaces that have collected dust and dust any candles, decor or other belongings that may be displayed in your patio, balcony or lapa. If you have  a braai and have used it during the week use this time to ensure it is ready for the braai this weekend again.


Playing with kids

Weekends are for spending time with your family so all you need to do today over and above the basic daily tasks is a quick dust and vacuum in every room if you feel like doing a little extra you can wash your car.

Top tip: Remember that you will still have to put a weekend aside every three months (or whatever period you feel comfortable with, for some deep cleaning and organisation. This is also the ideal time to get rid of things you no longer need or use. The fewer the things gathering dust, the less dusting you’ll need to do!


Realxing and reading on bed

On this day you need to relax and prepare yourself for the work week ahead and spend quality time with your family.

And there you have it, a weekly schedule that should help you keep your home clean while still having time to live and enjoy your clean home.

But does it actually work? I found that this schedule worked well for me. Larger families or those with jobs that demand some travelling might have to divide the tasks or change the schedule but if you stick to a weekly schedule, with some basic daily maintenance tasks, you should love your home, and hopefully, love keeping it clean!

Words: Natassha Burrell


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