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10 housewarming gifts that will warm the heart

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Buying a housewarming gift for someone is never easy, especially if it’s for your family or a close friend. Because it becomes quite tricky many opt for a gift card. There’s nothing wrong with gifting cash, but it’s not the most personal gift and doesn’t seem well thought through. The problem with buying a gift is, of course, if the recipient will actually like it or, gasp!, end up re-gifting it next Christmas.

To make the process somewhat less stressful, and save you time agonising in the shops over what to buy, here’s a collection of 10 gifts no one will be disappointed with.

#1 Olive oil – Everyone uses olive oil so this is always a winner. You can make it more personal by buying a small picnic basket and then place different types of cheeses and bread with olives and the bottle of olive oil.

#2 Photo frame – You can never go wrong with a photo frame. Depending on how personal you want to go you can leave the frame as is, place a photo with special meaning for the recipient inside, or even a nice message.

#3 Candles – Just think of yourself and how much you love walking into a room in your home where candles are burning or the relaxation of having a bubble bath with candles. This is a gift your friend or family member would love, especially on the first few nights in a new home

Top tip: The scented candles are lovely, but some really have a strong aversion to it. Try to find out if the person you are planning the gift for prefers scented or unscented candles before buying.

#4 Basic tool kit – This is an especially great option for those just starting out on their own. You only need to buy one that has the necessary things in the like a tape measure, a screwdriver and slip-joint pliers. tools to wire a plug resize

#5 Cutting boards – This is a great gift for someone that loves to cook. Personalise it by asking an artist to engrave a message or image on a wooden cutting board. Alternatively buy six smaller boards and have the words “meat”, “fish”, “vegetables”, “bread”, “fruit” and “cheese” engraved, this is such a thoughtful gift for any kitchen fundi.

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#6 A potted plant – The perfect gift for your nature-loving loved one. Potted plants tie a home together in a remarkable way and add wonderful colour. Succulents or faux house plants are a delightful option for those that travel often or are lacking in the green fingers department.

#7 A cookbook – This is a very special gift for someone that enjoys spending time in the kitchen but is sure to be enjoyed by anyone.

Top tip: To make it personal gift your favourite recipe book or write a personal go-to recipe in the message in the front of the book.

#8 Guest book – Definitely a gift for someone with an adventurous sense of humour. A guest book for the guest bathroom is a gift that will not only make your recipient laugh but will have their future guests in giggles too.

#9 Personalised box – This is a simple but effective gift. Buy a gift box big enough for what you plan on putting in it, and then just go wild with it. Decide on a theme and buy everything and decorate the box according to theme. For example a wine and cheese box you can pick a good wine, add some cheese, bread, dark chocolate and olives. Or a movie night box put some popcorn, something sweet and pick a movie for them. With this idea the possibilities are endless.

#10 A snuggly throw – Everyone loves to cuddle up with a warm blanket. Your best bet is to pick a neutral colour like grey or beige; it is then guaranteed to fit with whatever colour scheme your recipient uses, or can be used in any room they might decide to use it in.

You can use these gifts for birthdays and Christmas gifts as well. Share your go-to gift ideas that are guaranteed to thrill!

Words: Natassha Burrell


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