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5 disgusting areas of any kitchen that needs regular cleaning

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The kitchen is one of the most important spaces in your home; it’s where you cook for your family. You want and need it to be hygienic and while everyone has their own routine of cleaning there are a few nooks and crannies that are more likely to collect tons of germs that you might not know of, or forget to clean, to help here’s a checklist of the five spots in your kitchen most likely to get disgusting really fast. Work these into your daily, or weekly, cleaning routine and have the cleanest kitchen in town.

#1 Countertops

Sounds obvious, and of course they get cleaned, but this might be one of the dirtiest spaces in your kitchen. You use it to prepare your food, to put the grocery bags on or your keys and your handbag, dirty dishes gets stacked here, and the list goes on. You need to wipe it with a dish cloth a couple of times a day; use an all- purpose cleaner that will keep the germs at bay.

#2 Kitchen sink

Kicthen sink

A space in your home that is used for cleaning is very likely to become germ-infested if not cleaned regularly. When cleaning the sink use a new sponge because if you use an old sponge you would just be spreading the germs that are on the sponge. If you don’t have a new sponge use a paper towel to clean the sink with some dishwashing liquid. Follow this routine every time you do the dishes to keep the sink clean and hygienic.

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#3 Sponges and dish cloths

If you think about it the sponges and the cloths that you use will be full of germs after a few uses so you need to change the sponges at least every week and you should wash the cloths twice a week, or to save water buy more cloths and cut down to washing once a week. As a rule of thumb, though, you should definitely not be using a cloth for longer than two days.

#4 Stove knobs and light switches

Dirty stove knobs

This is probably the one spot that is easiest to forget. While cooking you touch the stove knobs and everyone in the house touches the light switches (not just in the kitchen but every room in the house) so just take a moment to think about this in flu season. If you are sick and you switch on a light and the person cooking touches the same light that’s germs spreading…

#5 Inside your kitchen cupboards

While cooking, every time you open a cupboard or drawer in the kitchen dust will settle in the area. You might not think this is a big problem but it’s germs that are going to be on all your cutlery and dinnerware; even if you clean the things that you’re using before use you’re putting it straight back into a space that is full of dust and germs and then using it again. Rather, every now and then, take out everything and wipe the cupboards and drawers with a paper towel or dish cloth with a little all-purpose cleaner.

Following these tips will not only keep your kitchen clean but it will also keep you and your family healthy, so it gets big thumbs up from me.

Words: Natassha Burrell


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