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#TashaTests – New twist on an old brekkie fave

There’s a video doing the rounds on Facebook that will have you salivating after only a few seconds. It shows how to make the perfect cheesy French toast roll ups; delicious any time of day but especially at breakfast!

Being such a fan of French toast myself I had to try it out and the verdict is: Yum! The recipe or method is no harder, or more time consuming, than preparing regular French toast but definitely so delicious. So leave normal behind and try it next time.

The recipe serves four, so adjust as needed.


Ham and cheese

  • 8 slices of bread (brown or white)
  • Mayonnaise, for spreading
  • 8 slices of ham
  • Cheddar or Gouda cheese, grated
  • 4 eggs
  • 2 tbsp. milk
  • Your choice of oil to fry in, I loved it with butter

#TashaTests: Delicious Steri-Stumpie mousse


Cracking an egg

Whisk the eggs and milk together in a shallow bowl.

Cut the crusts off the bread, be careful not to remove too much of the bread, use a rolling pin or a glass to flatten the bread.

Spread some mayonnaise on each slice.

Put a slice of ham on each slice of bread and add some grated cheese, and then roll up the bread slice.

Top tip: The trickiest part is keeping the roll together until frying is complete so avoid over-stuffing to make this process easier for you.

Heat up a frying pan on medium heat; add butter.

Dip each rolled up slice of bread in the egg mixture and then fry in the pan until golden brown on all sides. Serve it while it is still hot and the cheese is melted. Serve as is or with your favourite dipping sauce.

Final verdict: A fun, delicious and simple twist on French toast or even the grilled cheese sarmie. Everyone will love it (and ask for more), definitely a #TashaTests winner!

Words: Natassha Burrell


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