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[WATCH] Can my ex insist I sell our house?

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Hi, I have a bond on my existing house which is in my and my ex fiancé’s names. We separated about two years ago after she walked out.

We have both gone our separate ways but she insists that I need to sell the property and provide her with half of the profit.

Just to bring a few points to the table:

  1. She has not helped pay for the house (home loan or water and electricity). She never helped financially.
  2. The first year we moved into our property she was unemployed and only got employed once we were broken up.
  3. I paid for everything myself and still do (I do not ask her to pay any rates or home loan or anything).
  4. Since she left I have made considerable renovations (which made my property value higher – once again no financial assistance from her with this too).

She wants half of what the house is worth at the moment with all renovations done.

I am not allowed to move on and let my new girlfriend move in because then my ex starts with the issue of selling the house.

My ex and I have a 3-year-old son together but were never married. I do not want to sell my house at all as I have invested a lot into fixing it and it is home for my son. I would like my son to inherit the house.

Also I do not want to sell the house and start over with a new house as I have worked for years to be able to get the property I have now.

I feel it’s unfair for me to have paid for the past 4 years without her assistance only for me to give half away in order to have the property on my name alone.

The only reason I did add her on the property documents was the fact that I thought we would get married.

Please help me with this situation as this is keeping me from moving forward. – CJ


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