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[WATCH] Why do I have to pay levies on my unbuilt home?



Hi, I recently purchased a house in a complex, which is yet to be built. The body corporate has emailed me a statement for levies that must be paid. Is the homeowner supposed to pay the full levy even though the house is not even built yet? – Aisha


Hi, can the elected directors appoint the chairman, or does it have to go via all the homeowners? – Joe


Hi, I recently purchased a unit in a complex in Sandton. I contacted the body corporate to ascertain as to who the trustees of the complex are.

They responded with a blanket response stating that in terms of the POPI Act (Protection of Personal Information Act) they are not allowed to provide such details.

As per the Sectional Title Scheme Management Rules, personal details such as telephone and email details of owners must be given to other owners when it is requested.

Can I request such information about who the trustees are since I would like to join as I am a Chartered Accountant by profession?

Is the body corporate correct in not providing me with the said information? – Ansharia


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  • Elizabeth Tayler 9th May 2018

    Good day, our trustees have decided to increase our levies by 20% per annum. If you are an owner but not one of the trustees, do you have a say in the increase of levies?