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Government should never be able to take black property again


In its submission to the Constitutional Review Committee of the National Assembly, the Alexandra Property Owner’s Rights organisation (APOR) strongly denounces the idea that black South Africans might ever again be subjected to expropriation without compensation as they were under apartheid.

“It must never again be possible for any present or future government in any form or at any level to expropriate land or other property from black people without full and fair compensation,” said APOR chairperson, Vakele Richard Mbalukwana. “The power of expropriation without compensation will long outlive all who govern now. Promises today mean nothing because the power … will be exercised by petty officials … for many decades.”

We have been subjected to the changes of governors and every time each official takes over, it will mean stalling and moving the process backwards.

Apart from the obvious potential for corruption and extortion, APOR fears “the abuse of power against personal, racial, religious, political, social and other adversaries”.

“The people of Alexandra want secure property rights,” said Mbalukwana. “We do not wish to live for generations, as we did in the past, at the whim of officials with power over us and our land.”

APOR supports expropriation without compensation of land unjustly acquired by white people and the formerly white regime for restitution to unjustly dispossessed black people.


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