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7 ‘activities’ you should stop doing in public

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Have you ever seen someone doing something in public and thought to yourself: “Eew, gross! Why are they doing that?

Heck, you might even be guilty of doing one or more of following “nasty” habits yourself. Some of these…erm…activities might not seem that gross to you, but they are not very hygienic. If you stop doing them it will not only be good for you, but for everyone around you too.

#1 Picking your nosepicking nose

This is a big no-no! You may think that you could do it quickly and no one will see, but you are wrong: Someone always sees you! Use a tissue instead and go to a corner or the bathroom and blow your nose! Also, remember not to start blowing your nose anywhere near where people are eating.

#2 Brushing your hair

Not everyone will think this is gross, but it actually is. Can you imagine sitting at your desk and your colleague starts brushing her hair next to you, and the loose hairs begin to fall everywhere around you? I don’t know about you, but I don’t need other people’s hair all over my clothes! So if you feel the need to brush your hair go to a bathroom and do it there…please.

#3 Clipping your nails


Most people know this already, but if you don’t you should never ever clip your nails in a public place; all personal grooming should be done in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

#4 Painting your nails

You are on your way to work or to a party and you see that some of your nail polish came off. You think you’ll fix it as soon as you get to your destination, but remember that the smell of nail polish is very strong and might be nauseating to some people.

#5 Putting your handbag on a table

You shouldn’t do this in public or in your own home – all the dirty places in which you placed your handbag during the day include the bathroom or the restaurant floor. The underside of your handbag is not clean, so stop putting it on the table.

#6 Eating at your desk

A study found that a computer keyboard contains more bacteria than a toilet seat! Eating at your desk and touching your keyboard at the same time is extremely gross, and to make matters worse, you will most probably be touching some papers or leaving coffee lines on important papers. Leave your desk for a few minutes to enjoy your lunch.

#7 Don’t pop pimplespimple

So you are at home having a braai with some friends and you see your better half has a pimple somewhere on his face or on his back and then, before you know it, you go in to pop it. Doing this can easily put your guests off their lunch!

The only place you should be popping pimples is in your bed at night when it’s only the two of your or in the bathroom!

So, from now on, think and look at your surroundings before you do something in public that is meant to be done at home…behind closed doors!

By Natassha Burrell



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