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Here’s how to (always) keep your car neat and tidy

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Most people think of their cars as their babies; I know my husband definitely does! I’m not even allowed to eat in it because even though I’m 30 years old, he still thinks I will make a mess.

Keeping the car clean and organised is even more difficult if you have children. So to make your life easier and to keep your car clean, I did some research and found some amazing hacks, tips and tricks. You can thank me later!

#1 Cup holder ideascoffee cup in car

If your car doesn’t have cup holders, don’t sell the car to buy a new one that does. There are a few things you can do to keep you from spilling your coffee or soda in the car.

  • If you are just one person, you can take a roll of duct or packaging tape and place your coffee cup in it, this will help to keep your cup nice and steady.
  • If you are more than one person, or you are the lucky person that has to go and buy coffee for everyone, you can take a muffin tray and a laundry basket that is big enough for the tray to fit in, put the muffin tray in the laundry basket and then place the cups of coffee or sodas in the muffin tray.

#2 Grocery shopping bag ideasShopping.resize

Shopping bags can be a pain sometimes. No matter what you do you always end up with squashed bread and cracked eggs, or you get those lines on your fingers from carrying the bags! Well, now you don’t have to worry about that anymore with these tricks.

  • Get some steel hooks and hang them from the back of the passenger seats’ headrests. You can just lift the headrest a little and then hang your hook; you will then be able to hang your bags on the hooks and nothing will fall around in the back or get crushed or cracked.
  • Buy a karabiner clip and keep it in the car. When you go shopping, take it in with you and clip all your bags to it and then just hold on to the clip. This way your hands will not hurt by the time you get to the car.
  • Instead of buying plastic bags every time you go shopping, keep them in an old tissue box in the car and then just take out as many as you think you will need and refill it with the same bags.

#3 Travelling ideasPacked car for holiday

Travelling can be a bit of an issue, especially if you are travelling with children. Here are some tips on how to keep them entertained and how to keep the car clean.

  • Buy a big cereal container and place a plastic bag inside and use this as a little dustbin until you get to your next stop and then empty it; put one in the front and one in the back of the car so that everyone has a dustbin.
  • Keep a few shower caps in the car. If the children want to climb in the car with mud all over their shoes, tell them to take them off before they get in and place them in the shower caps.
  • Always be prepared for an emergency. Before leaving for a trip make sure that you have a travelling first aid kit in the car. Leave it in the glove compartment so you have it close by when you need it. Band aids, pain relief medicine and some ointment and Dettol are some suggestions of what to include in the kit.
  • Buy a binder and print some games and pictures for the kids to color in while travelling. This will keep them busy.

Top tip: Laminate the pictures so they can be reused for years to come!

Words: Natassha Burrell


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