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The gimmick-free guide to saving money

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Everything from school fees, groceries, rising inflation and petrol and diesel prices are rising. And it’s getting difficult to imagine having enough left over to put away to start saving! But instead of thinking about it too, much just start by putting in a small amount and then go from there. Here are some tips to get you started.

#1 Weekend Scroogescrooge-stingy-resize

Start by trying to spend nothing for one weekend a month. If you’re not near a store you won’t be able to spend anything on unnecessary things, so try staying home and enjoying some quality family time, instead.

#2 Ditch the drive-thru

Spend less on fast foods; buying fast food is so expensive if you think about the homemade meal you could make with the amount of money you spend on one night of fast food you could probably make two meals for your family. This is not only a great way to save money, but will also keep your family healthier.

#3 Make a plan, and stick to it!Planning required

Plan your weekly meals ahead of time and go to the store once a week for everything you need; this way you will not spend extra money on things you don’t actually need.

#4 No more ordering in at work

Instead of wasting food or giving the leftover food to your dogs, take a lunch box to work. You will save a big amount of money if you stop buying lunch at work.

#5 Bye-bye retail appscharnsitr / Shutterstock.com

Get rid of the online shopping apps on your phone. Admit it, most of the things we buy online we don’t actually need. We just see something we like and then we buy it without thinking that we could have saved that money and could have been earning interest on it.

#6 Make me an offer

Go through your house and take out all the things you never use; you might have a blender that’s just taking up space. Take it out and sell it! Just be careful to not let strange people in your yard and rather meet at the nearest petrol station or make sure you are not alone when the buyer comes to collect.

#7 Buy according to a list

Make a list of everything you need to buy when going to the store and stick to the list. This way you will avoid buying things you don’t need.

#8 No more *BucksFrench press, coffee

Do you stop for coffee on your way to work, or do you buy coffee at the canteen at work? If you do, stop doing it and start making coffee at home instead and take it to work in a flask.

#9 Pay your debts, but still, save

If you have a clothing account or a personal loan rather pay them off first. See how much you have left to save and put it away!

#10 Start small, but start nonethelesselectronic calendar

At the start of each year make or buy a 52-week planner and then start with a R10 deposit in the first week – and every week thereafter. By week 52 you will have put away R520! This could be spending money for your holiday, or used as a medium-terms savings plan!

Top tip: If you increase the instalments by 10% in year two, you will have R572 at the end of the year to add to your R520.

#11 Oh, Oh, Oh, Oros!

You know those big 5-litre OROS bottles? Buy one and keep the bottle as a piggy bank to save all your coins. At the end of the year, you will have enough to do something fun or use it as spending money on your holiday.

I hope these tips will help you to start saving! If you have any other tips we can share with everyone here at HomeTimes let us know and this way we can all start saving together.

Words: Natassha Burrell


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