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3 don’ts when arranging your home loan

#1 Don’t do it yourself

#2 Don’t leave it to amateurs who think they know about home loan finance

#3 Don’t assume that your own bank will give you the best deal

Fiona Staughton, an accountant and 15-year veteran in arranging home loans for thousands of happy clients, now manages HomeBid Home Loans. Fiona has dedicated her life to tailor-making home loans work for her thousands of clients, and she has worked at the top level of a number of banks providing home loans.

Fiona’s advice is simpleadvice

#1 Fill out one application form with HomeBid Home Loans and then sit back and relax. Fiona and her team will polish your application to show your creditworthiness in the best possible light to mortgage lenders who she knows will look favourably at your now polished application.

#2 Use a proven expert like Fiona with access to all the providers of home loans. There are the four major commercial banks, including SA Home Loans and specific mortgage lenders targeting niche markets which most people don’t know about. But Fiona does!

#3 Sometimes certain banks and other mortgage lenders have too much or insufficient loan exposure in a suburb, or too much or too little exposure to borrowers at certain loan amount levels. Because Fiona knows the inner workings of the mortgage lenders’ needs, she can get the right lender to look favourably at your now polished application.

Here’s what the different credit scores mean

#4 Unbiased and independent expert advice from Fiona, who relies on the referrals from her happy clients, to bring her more clients as she has been doing for more than 15 years.

#5 Best of all: Fiona and her team all work for you, for free to get you the best mortgage loan!

Because the biggest financial obligation you are likely to commit yourself to pay monthly is your home loan, let Fiona at HomeBid Home Loans get you the best home loan tailor-made to suit you perfectly.

Call Fiona on 0860 20 15 16 or email fiona@homebid.co.za and let’s get you into your new home with the perfect home loan.

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