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Dear landlord: Please remove the ghostly granny

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Curious things happen to human beings. It is no surprise then that landlords who are in the business of renting homes to human beings come across strange goings-on between the four walls of their properties.

Michelle Dickens, MD of TPN confirms that “as a property specialist credit bureau, TPN’s landlords and occasionally their tenants report every imagined possibility to us. From the mysterious to the utterly bizarre – we have heard it all”.

The ghost on the wallghost in house

One such mystery unfolded in a relatively ordinary suburb, in a relatively ordinary city. In fact, the TPN clients and landlords in this instance were so firmly assured of the very ordinary nature of their 22-year-old property that it allowed them to make logical sense of eerie complaints their tenants had. The problem? An elderly woman floating around their house at night!

Alarmingly, the entire family had seen the supernatural vision at different times – always at night. And, everyone agreed that it was an ethereal being not of this earth. Things eventually got so peculiar that the wife woke up in the middle of the night to find her husband beating the headboard in an attempt to rid them of the ghostly granny.

With nothing left to do, the tenants got in touch with the landlord to enquire whether “anyone had passed away recently by any chance, as they were definitely not alone in the house at night”.

A gas leak?gas stove

In a fascinating coincidence, the landlord had himself had a close brush with death due to accidental carbon monoxide poisoning just a few months before his tenants were visited by the ghostly granny.

As a result of his first-hand experience with the deadly gas, which causes severe hallucinations and delirium, the landlord decided to side with logic and contact the company that installed the gas stove. This was done with the aim of investigating the possibility that low-grade carbon monoxide poisoning could be the cause of the tenant’s unexplained “sightings”.

Since changing the filter on the gas stove, the family of tenants have had no further complaints. The question remains, however, if hallucinations due to gas poisoning was the cause of the abnormal night-time activity, how is it possible that every member of the family saw exactly the same old lady in their hallucinations?


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