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Avoid the rental home bun-fight – get Tenant Power

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South Africans do not know where to find homes for rent. And when they do find them, they do not know what their rights are in terms of their lease agreements.

Before you object, read on.

Since its inception at the beginning of October, Trusted Tenant Services and its free representative service, Tenant Power, have been inundated with requests from tenants for new rental accommodation. Property portals, however, exist to serve this basic function. And they spend millions of rand each month on Google, television, billboards, and promote their platforms at expos. With all this advertising going on, why would consumers go anywhere else?

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The answer may lie in two places: the rental housing market can be extremely competitive with up to five applicants per property! This means the average tenant has a 20% chance to secure the rental home they really want. And because most rental homes are only advertised on the property portals a month before they are available to rent, tenants have very little time to “shop around” and explore all their options – sometimes being forced to take their second or third choice and to simply accept the lease presented to them.

This leaves many tenants in a weaker negotiating position; their lease agreement may, for example, contain outrageous clauses preventing them from exiting early unless they pay three months’ worth of rental! This means that despite the Consumer Protection Act providing a fair exit strategy of 21 business days’ notice to vacate, with a reasonable penalty, the average tenant cannot exercise their rights and simply waits out the conclusion of the lease. Facts at play here could be: the rental is too expensive and the tenant is simply getting poorer every month; and the relationship with the landlord is combative.

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Tenants, this is the best day to prematurely cancel your rental agreement

This is where Tenant Power steps in. It vets all its tenants so that when there is a bun fight for a rental home, the Tenant Power tenant has already been screened and is presented as the best possible candidate.

Tenant Power also has access to vast networks of landlords and agents, and can therefore source new accommodation between two and three months in advance – which gives the Tenant Power tenant enough time to weigh up all the pro’s and cons of their potential new rental home. This reduces the stress associated with rental search.

And because Tenant Power represents the interests of tenants, it will check all lease agreements presented to its tenants to ensure fairness for both tenants and landlords.

Do tenants need help finding new rental accommodation and representation during lease negotiations and throughout their rental terms? The answer is yes, they most certainly do!

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