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How to get fit from home – for free

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December is fast approaching, and you know what that means: clothing gets skimpier and bulges have less fabric to hide under. But, while this season might just be the inspiration you need to motivate yourself into reaching your beach body aspirations, there are very real health issues to being overweight that should not be overlooked.

“According to the latest stats provided by Discovery Vitality, roughly half of South African adults live inactive lifestyles,” says Regional Director and CEO of RE/MAX of Southern Africa, Adrian Goslett. “This is more than double the global average of 23%, making us one of the most inactive countries in the world. The report goes on to say that insufficient physical activity is one of the leading risk factors for death worldwide. Rather than setting unrealistic goals for themselves this summer, we’d like to encourage homeowners to do what they can to their homes in order to live active and healthy lifestyles all year round.”

With money being tight and with time being limited, it’s understandable how tricky it can be to exercise. So what to do?

RE/MAX of Southern Africa offers solutions to homeowners to get fit from home without spending any money on gym memberships or giving up hours of their limited time.

Here’s how

Create an exercise nook exercise nook

You don’t need too much open floorspace to get fit from home. If need be, you could always rearrange some furniture to create extra space – consider this your pre- and post-workout warm up/down. There is also a large variety of workout routines available online, from YouTube videos to mobile fitness apps and personal fitness blogs. Find a routine that suits your preferred exercise style, from high intensity cardio to low intensity stretching and toning – as long as it’s something you don’t completely loathe doing. If you’re unable to stream from home, pop into a local coffee shop, connect to their free Wi-Fi, and download a few exercise routine sets from a simple Google Image search.

Squat while you scrub

squats at home with childrenIf rearranging your lounge and your schedule to fit in a 20-minute exercise routine seems like too much trouble, then get creative with your everyday routines. You know the old cliché of “take the stairs and not the elevator”? Well, if you apply this kind of logic to a broader set of tasks, you’d be surprised at how many kilojoules you could burn. Do a set of squats while you’re washing your dishes, a set of crunches while you’re watching your favourite show, jog on the spot during commercials – anything that gets your heart rate up and can be easily included in your daily routines.

Get some fresh air Jogging for wellness.resize

The perk of summer is that the weather beckons you to be outdoors. Take advantage of the longer daylight hours by going for a jog or stroll around your neighbourhood when you get home from work. If you have a grocery shop nearby, choose to walk instead of drive. Not only will this lower your fuel costs, but it’ll also up your step count and fill your bicep curl count for the day.


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