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Pretoria deeds office closed 30 November, affects registrations


The Pretoria deeds office’s year-end function takes place on 30 November, 2018, which means the deeds office will be closed on this day and will affect registrations and occupation dates.

This is according to conveyancing attorneys, MC van der Berg Inc, which explains that this will affect purchasers who insist on occupation on date of registration.

“In this case it will be the 29th and not the 30th as was perhaps initially planned,” said Tiaan van der Berg of MC van der Berg. “If the seller does not vacate on the 29th, the purchaser may hold the seller liable for the one day’s occupational rent. It is thus important to make the necessary arrangements with clients with regards to occupation since this might pose a problem.”

Another instance where this will have an impact is on double registrations, which will take place on 29 November, 2018, instead of on 30 November.

“It is common practice that on the last day of each month the deeds office allows for firms to do ‘double registrations’,” he said. “’Double registration’ means that any transaction that has come up for prep can be registered on the same day of putting forward. Normal practice is that a transaction is put forward for registration the next day, but the Registrar allows for same day registrations (double registration) on the last day of each month.”


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